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As mothers, we know that our birthing and postpartum experiences affect us for the rest of our lives. Our work with families has further proved this to be true.

Sunshine Package

  • One Doula – (with back-up doula ) – Following the signing of the contract   
  • Unlimited call text and email support 
  • Available to chat about what’s on your mind or if you have any questions. No hesitation 
  • A minimum of 2 prenatal visits. 1 hour each 
  • Unlimited labor and birth support – (arriving as soon as you want me there)
  • staying with you one two hours after your babies birth
  • Assisting with breast-feeding. Once the family is ready for quiet time I will leave.
  • Two postpartum visits 

The first 10 days after birth go over progress  and your birthing experience, second visit – at two weeks postpartum to see how you’re adjusting and offer a helping hand. 

On call starting at 38 weeks. 

$800  – 25% deposit 

On Cloud 9

  • Two birth doulas double the support
  • Includes all sunshine package plus the following 
  • Additional 2 hour prenatal or postpartum visit for additional education 
  • Accompany you to one of your doctor visit of your choice 
  • Additional postpartum visit of 2 hour to watch baby while mom sleeps or to do light household chores 
  • On call from 38 weeks. 

$1,500 – 30% deposit

Over the moon

  • postpartum overnight doula $30 an hour  night time shifts  10-6am or  11-7am – (daytime hours,upon request)  night is broken down into three parts

  • doula we will use a client binder to create a log of the baby during the night  so you are aware of what happened during my time with the baby. 

  • The first two hours are for assessment and chores the next five for quiet and rest the last hour for wrapping up our final hour final feed washing of bottles used during the night as the time permits may provide a meal or snack for mom. 

  • The moment of quiet and rest time I encourage a bedtime routine for the family. The dim lights minimize the noise so the baby will grow to get the message of the bedtime routine. 

  • Placenta Encapsulation Package – the practice of ingesting your placenta after it has been prepared and placed into pill form. More information upon request. 

    $200 no deposit payment due before 37 weeks.


We look forward to servicing you!


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